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ASTM A213 Stainless Steel Seamless Tube

ASTM A213 Stainless Steel Seamless Tube


ASTM A213 Stainless Steel Seamless Tube:

ASTM A213/ASME SA213 covers low alloy steel pipes and minimum-wall-thickness, seamless ferritic and austenitic steel, boiler and super-heater tubes and austenitic steel heat-exchanger tubes, designated Grades TP304,TP304H,TP304L,TP310S, TP310HCbN, TP316, TP316H, TP316L etc.

Grades TP304H, TP309H, TP309HCb, TP310H, TP310HCb, TP310HCbN, TP316H, TP321H, TP347H, TP347HFG (fine grained) and TP348H are modifications of Grades TP304, TP309S, TP309Cb, TP310S, TP310Cb, TP316, TP321, TP347, and TP348, and are intended for high-temperature service, such as for superheaters and reheaters.

For ASTM A213 Seamless Tubes with diameters less than 1/8 in. [3.2 mm] in inside diameter or 0.015 in. [0.4 mm] in thickness,mechanical property requirements won't apply. Tube with other dimensions may be furnished comply with other requirements.

 Chemical Composition Of ASTM A213 Stainless Steel Tubes

Steel GradesASTM A213 Chemical Composition % Max

 Mechanical Properties Of ASTM A213 Stainless Steel Tubes

Steel GradesHeat TreatmentTemperure F (C) Min.ASTM grain size NO.Tensile Strength Ksi (MPa), Min.Yield Strength Ksi (MPa), Min.Elongation %, MinHardness
TP304Solution1900 (1040)75(515)30(205)35192HBW/200HV90HRB
TP304LSolution1900 (1040)70(485)25(170)35192HBW/200HV90HRB
TP304HSolution1900 (1040)775(515)30(205)35192HBW/200HV90HRB
TP310SSolution1900 (1040)75(515)30(205)35192HBW/200HV90HRB
TP310HCbNSolution2000 (1110)795(655)43(295)30256HBW100HRB
TP316Solution1900 (1040)75(515)30(205)35192HBW/200HV90HRB
TP316LSolution1900 (1040)70(485)25(170)35192HBW/200HV90HRB
TP316HSolution1900 (1040)775(515)30(205)35192HBW/200HV90HRB
TP321Solution1900 (1040)775(515)30(205)35192HBW/200HV90HRB

 ASTM A213 Stainless Steel Tubes Outside Diameter and Wall Thickness Tolerance

OD, mmOD Tolerance
< 25.4+/- 0.10
25.4 �C <= 38.1+/- 0.15
> 38.1 -< 50.8+/- 0.20
50.8 -< 63.5+/- 0.25
63.5 -< 76.2+/- 0.30
76.2 �C <= 101.6+/- 0.38
> 101.6 �C <= 190.5+0.38/-0.64
> 190.5 �C <= 228.6+0.38/-1.14

OD, mmWT Tolerance
<= 38.1+20%/-0
> 38.1+22%/-0 to learn more. 

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ASTM A333 seamless Steel Pipe Scope

ASTM A333 seamless Steel Pipe Scope


 ASTM A333 seamless Steel Pipe Scope

ASTM A333 standard covers wall seamless and welded carbon and alloy steel pipe intended for use at low temperatures. ASTM A333 alloy pipe shall be made by the seamless or welding process with the addition of no filler metal in the welding operation. All seamless and welded pipes shall be treated to control their microstructure. Tensile tests, impact tests, hydrostatic tests, and nondestructive electric tests shall be made in accordance to specified requirements. Some product sizes may not be available under this specification because heavier wall thicknesses have an adverse affect on low-temperature impact properties.

ASTM A333 steel pipe production includes a series of visual surface imperfections to guarantee that they have been properly manufactured. ASTM A333 steel  pipe shall be subject to rejection if surface imperfections acceptable are not scattered, but appear over a large area in excess of what is considered a workmanlike finish. The finished pipe shall be reasonably straight.

 ASTM A333 Steel Pipe Surface inspection requirements

Surface imperfections that penetrate more than 12½ % of the nominal wall thickness or encroach on the minimum wall thickness shall be considered defects. ASTM A333 steel pipe with such defects shall be given one of the following dispositions:

  • The defect may be removed by grinding provided that the remaining wall thickness is within specified limits.

  • Repaired in accordance with the repair welding provisions.

  • The section of pipe containing the defect may be cut off within the limits of requirements on length.

  • The defective pipe may be rejected.

 ASTM A333 Steel Pipe Chemical Composition:

StandardGradeChemical Composition (%)
ASTM A333Grade 1≤0.30

Grade 3≤0.190.18~0.370.31~0.64≤0.025≤0.025

Grade 4≤0.120.18~0.370.50~1.05≤0.025≤0.0250.44~1.010.47~0.980.40~0.75

Grade 6≤0.30≥0.100.29~1.06≤0.025≤0.025

Grade 7≤0.190.13~0.32≤0.90≤0.025≤0.025

Grade 8≤0.130.13~0.32≤0.90≤0.025≤0.025

Grade 9≤0.20

Grade 10≤0.200.10~0.351.15~1.50≤0.03≤0.015≤0.15≤0.25≤0.015≤0.50≤0.12≤0.06
Grade 11≤0.10≤0.35≤0.6≤0.025≤0.025≤0.5035.0~37.0

 ASTM A333 Steel Pipe Mechanical Property:

StandardGradeTensile Strength (MPa)Yield Point (MPa)Elongation (%)
ASTM A333Grade 1≥380≥205≥35≥25
Grade 3≥450≥240≥30≥20
Grade 4≥415≥240≥30≥16.5
Grade 6≥415≥240≥30≥16.5
Grade 7≥450≥240≥30≥22
Grade 8≥690≥515≥22
Grade 9≥435≥315≥28
Grade 10≥550≥450≥22
Grade 11≥450≥240≥18

 ASTM A333 Steel Pipe Strike temperature condition:

GradeThe lowest temperature for strike test
ASTM A333 Grade 1-50-45
ASTM A333 Grade 3-150-100
ASTM A333 Grade 4-150-100
ASTM A333 Grade 6-50-45
ASTM A333 Grade 7-100-75
ASTM A333 Grade 8-320-195
ASTM A333 Grade 9-100-75
ASTM A333 Grade 10-75-60

 ASTM A606 Type 4 Equivalent steel standards:

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